Different Currency Bank Accounts for the same supplier?


I'm currently with a company that is running 9.0 and I'm wondering if I can get some help with vendors that wants to have a CAD and USD bank account in the system.

I have a vendor that has EFT/ACH and Wire information, it also provides the information for a CAD bank account and a USD Bank Account.

Is it possible to have this vendor setup so I can have the CAD and USD banking information added for payment?

I looked at the Oracle documentation and it looks like you can, however after reading it I still don't fully understand how it works.

Can anyone help?


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You can also configure multiple accounts payable bank accounts by JDE Company, which is of course different than what I solved earlier by using the P0030A. To do this you need to configure the AAI = PB for each bank account pursuant to your requirements. Please feel free to drop me a private message if you need some assistance.