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development business database



We need a separate database to hold our development business data, rather
than share this database with the test environment.

Can anyone tell me the best way to do this or if it is recommended ?


David Robertson

Reputable Poster
Hi Teresa,

Yes, you can do this no problem. It is more properly a CNC technical task, so you've posted in the wrong forum here.

Basically, you DBA needs to set up a new data source for Business Data - DEV, probably also Control Tables etc if you want that seperate. Then the CNC person can add these new datasources to OneWorld, and change the OCM for the DEV environment to use the new data source instead of the TEST ones.
Oh, you'll also need to create and populate the tables. There is a CNC UBE that will do this, and other related things, depending on what version you are running.


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I think the easiest way to do this would be to create the new database, and
then edit the OCM mappings. This should point your DEV tables to Business
Data - NEW, where NEW is your new database name, instead of Business Data -
TEST, which is the default.

Shane McConnell
OW Xe 14.2 Update 2 SQL