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Development a new format automatic payment



Anyone helpme for modification on A/P - Cheque Printing

- I am done a copy of RO4572 to R550001 and
a copy of Po4572 to R550001, i'm create a package
for enterprise server & workstation client.
- seting a pay instrument for R550001.
- when run automatic payment no call a R550001

why (error, which ?)



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Using P0417 - Payment Instrument Defaults, make sure that you are using "P550001" in the "Payment Print Program" field. The real UBE name is still R550001. This application expects a "P" instead of an "R". I think this goes back to World where UBE's are named with a "P".

Also, make sure that the processing options used for the application P04571 contains the version name of your custom ube. For example, if your version of R550001 is named CUST0001 then processing option #1 "Print Program Version" must also be CUST0001. If it is blank then OneWorld will try to use version "ZJDE0001" of your custom UBE.

Hope this helps.

Justin Miller

working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX
Hi there!

1) The copy of the P04572 is not necessary.
2) In the payment instrument setup you need to put as print program the
"P550001", (UDC value). That because the R04571 (Driver) calls a BSFN and
internaly changes the first letter to "R".

I hope this can help you!


Rodrigo Gcia