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Developer's wishes for Christmas


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Developer\'s wishes for Christmas

Hi Forum,
What is your opininion, which is the best way to post developer's wishes to JDE. Here is an ancient one from me.
I wish:
* making sizeable variable/control/field selection panels in ER assignment, IF statement, Table IO, BSFN calls, APPL/UBE connect, Sequence, Selection and the Grid Properties, etc.
* let me have a choice to select the sort order of listed items on the same places
* let me filter the list on the same places.
These wonderful modifications could make developer's life much more easier.

As you know, we have to select items from a very little window scrolling horizontaly and verticaly, the sort order is always vary (reversed "birthday", ABC, or somthing other), further we will see always an other name of the item (DD Alpha, DD Column, DD Row, Form override or ER overrides of the previously listed, etc.).

This is a nightmare for developers working on a large object with several BC, GC, GB, PO, evt, frm, rpt, RV, SL, FC, HC, TK, etc. E.g. to assigning the appropriate values in an Insert Table I/O for more then hundred fields.

The mentioned feature of OW hasn't changed from the ancient time.

Is it my problem only?
Is it too late to wish this changes for this Christmas?

At last take it seriously, what is the way to post this wwishes to JDE? I don't think so that the Response Line is the right way but maybe, I amn't right.
I am really curious to your oppinions, suggestions.

Merry Christmas!


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Re: Developer\'s wishes for Christmas

/wwwimages/icons/laugh.gif Dear /wwwimages/icons/blush.gif Santa,
/wwwimages/icons/yikes.gif I know you are very busy at this time of the year, BUT, /wwwimages/icons/thinks.gif please, listen to the Developer's MOST WANTED/WISHED LIST, NOW!!!!!!
/wwwimages/icons/laugh.gif Convince JDEdwards to use their human resources (and I mean ALL of them, including the security guards)
/wwwimages/icons/love.gif in order to transform OneWorld into a REALLY Windows application (whose forms/lists/controls ...)
/wwwimages/icons/woof.gif and allow JDEdwards developers think for their counter-parts, on the first line front ... and give them options
/wwwimages/icons/hairy.gif such as Filters, /wwwimages/icons/crazy.gifSorters, /wwwimages/icons/clown.gif and all the Wonderful Modifications that, We, the enthusiasts are dreaming at.
/wwwimages/icons/shy.gif Please Santa, make our life truly Wonderful /wwwimages/icons/love.gif and we promise we would behave.
/wwwimages/icons/king.gifThank You!
Adrian Chimirel

<big><big>OK Zoltán, I took your case to somebody I know. Just look under the Christmas Tree ...

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