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May be someone had already posted this problem.

My Workstation's Window 98(still waiting for my new Win 2000 workstation) is corrupted. I still had a few customized object(all UBE) that I haven't check-in yet. So I need some advice on what files to copy (Backup) before I reformat the hard-disk. By the way, I had already reinstalled Window 98 but it still doesn't work.

My plan is after reinstalling Win 98, One World, I will copy back the whole B7 folder from my b-up destination to my workstation. I hope that this way my uncheck-in customized object is still there.

Is it enough to copy the spec,include,bin32,obj folder ? One per environment.

Is there any other way to go around this problem ?

As 400 V4R4, OneWorld B7332 SP9,
Dep: Win NT 4.0.


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Steven :

Backup the c:\b7 and the c:\jde*.* licensing files.
When you reinstall the Operating System be sure to keep the old machine

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