Determining the Ship To address for a GL record



I have looked around a lot, but cannot seem to find an answer for this.

I am a Business Intelligence developer and am writing a report that starts with the GL. For a given GL record, typically a sale, I can obtain the Bill To address easily enough (GLAN8). Is it possible to look up other tables to find the Ship To address for the transaction in question? I have tried joining to F03B11 (Accounts Receivable) but that table does not seem to contain any Ship To fields.

Any help is appreciated! I am a backend developer and am far from an expert on JDE's workings :)
F4211.SDSHAN will give the sales detail line ship to. Should be able to qry the F0911.GLDOC against F4211.SDDOC.
F03B11 has SHPN (Shipment Number) so can you jump from there to a given F4211 SHPN too. So you can get your F4211.SDSHAN

Plus F03B11 RPSDOC SPDCT SKCO are the F4211 SO key
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