Determining Asset and Expense accounts

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I would like to know how we can determine the asset and expense accounts in a system .
This is what I have tried to do
I go to AAI(Automatic Accounting Instructions) and then I try to determine which are the expense and asset accounts .
Basically being a technical guy, I am searching for the words "asset" or "expense" but I am not able to get much info ..

Searching for more info , I found that
In the General Accounting system:

The x suffix on a three-character AAI item, such as GLG1, GLG2, and GLG3, identifies general purpose accounts, beginning assets, and beginning liabilities, respectively, in the chart of accounts.

I seached that in my set up and found that GLG2 and GLG3 were set up for company 00000 but not for other companies and they were being mentiined as "Beginning assets" and "Beginning Libailities" but no where it was mentioned as " Ending assets" etc...

I have the following quesitons :
a) If the system cannot find an AAI for a specific company, then what is the way forward
b) How to get the complete set of asset and expense/liabilities accounts in the system.



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Hi Josh

GLG accounts are set up against company 00000 only with the exception of GLG4 which needs to be company specific.

GLG2 is the start of Assets as you have said. GLG3 is the start of liabilities as you have said. Therefore where the object account is GE GLG2 and LT GLG3 = Assets

Likewise Expenses = GE GLG8 and LE GLG9 PLUS GE GLG13 LE GLG12

Note that populating all of these AAIs is not mandatory therefore would discuss with you local analyst to confirm that this will work with your configuration.

Other alternatives would be to use account level category codes to determine the type of account
* Current Asset
* Fixed Asset
* Short Term Liabilities
* Long Term Liabilities

Normally I would recommend using category codes for this type of requirement

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Hi Lawrence,
Thanks for the information. After going through your reply , I would like to confirm the following :
a)Whether the assets are always having the item number code as 'GLG2' and the liabilities are always having the item number code as 'GLG3' . Is it universal across all the JDE releases (whether it is JDE World or JDE OneWorld or JDE EnterpriseOne) ?

b)What if in a system , there are no accounts defined in GLG2 or GLG3 and all the accounts are defined between GLG6 to GLG12 , in that case how are the assets and liabilities defined?