Determine which objects use a certain field of a table


Is there any way to identify which objects accesses a certain field in a table (e.g. F4801.WR02)? The closest thing I can think of is to use XREF but that only gives you which objects use a table OR which objects use the dd item.

JDE 8.11 / 8.98 Tools Release
Find in C++ to get the C code
Export the APPLs to excel from XREF
Export the UBEs to excel from XREF
Export the NERs to excel from XREF.

Do some magical merging and sorting in excel and get your list :)

You may have include a search using data structures. Determine the business views that contain the table column and then search the cross reference for objects that use the business view. This will not pick up direct access (eg Fetch Single) to the table from an object.