Detail of debuglog on the JAS APPL server



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Hi guys,

Forgive my ignorance if I mention terms that are incorrect here.

Basically, I have an error in the 3 way voucher match P4314 screens and I'm trying to capture a detailed log of what the end user is doing and why the F0911 records aren't created.

Now I have a log of a good procedure, where they are called and now I'm just waiting for a bad log to start comparing the differences.

Thing is I don't like the look of the log CNC are sending me. It is a debug log but it just seem detailed enough for me. It's a log from the JAS server, I presume.

It doesn't show the BSFN nested calls (LEVEL = 1 = 2 etc) and doens't show any useful SQL statements either.
Now, I would get this detail if I run this process locally or if I submitted a UBE.

Example, I see the call to F4314EditLine but I don't then see anything that F4314EditLine may go onto call.

I have a theory that this is because the BSFNs actually run on the enterprise server and not the JAS server. So the log is not capturing what the BSFNs actually do in detail. Just their calls

So if that is the case, how can I get a detailed log of the whole action. BSFN calls and the actual BSFN actions.


Hi John,

Yes, the business functions run on your enterprise (or logic) server so you need CNC to find the call object kernel the user is connected to and enable logging there. The best debugging scenario is to reproduce the problem on a fat client. You can try looking at the COK kernel logs (not debug) just to see if anything high level is reporting there.

Need to capture the call object kernel logs .It gives more details about the BSFN.
One of the way to crack such issues is if they can be reproduced then copy the data to CRP/PY. Ask user to login into CRP/PY. get the kernel # the user is attaached to turn the debug ON for that kernel and ask user to run the same senario, turn OFF the debug for that kernel(else it will eat all disk space) save the log analyze and enjoy!!!.
You might need help from CNC if you dont have permission to SM and fliping logs.