Designate the anchor for alignment in RDA


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Q: Question asked by Zoltan Gyimesi

How can I designate the anchor for alignment of report elements when I draw a frame around more elements on a section in RDA to align up the elements to the anchor?

If my memory serves me well, once upon a time on B7321 SP(low) I was able to do it, because the last touched (dragged or OK-ed its properties) was the anchor.
I am now mainly interested in XE. Dragging and dummy mods don't work.

A: Thanks to Don Sauve and Christian Audet

To designate the anchor for alignment in RDA, select all the items you want to align (either with a box around them, or by holding down the CTRL key and selecting one at a time). Then hold down the CTRL key and select the item you want as the anchor. Go to Layout.Align and select the appropriate type of alignment you want

The anchor CAN be in another section of the report. Which makes it easier to align with the header elements that are in another section.

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