We have lots of cases where customer pays some portion of sales amount as
deposit prior to invoicing.(I hope this is normal business procedure)
JDE told me system only can handle full prepayment and there's no work
around for partial prepayment.
Is there anyone found any work aroud or are we the only company having this
Please someone help me!!



Hi Dokuro,

Our AR Accountants are handling similar situation you are facing.

Our Accountants enter an Advance Payment (deposit is partial payment) then match it with the customer's invoice.

Once they receive the complete payment, they make manual receipt entry and match the remaining customer invoice.

Good luck.


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We enter deposits or advance payment via the payment job - just need to
enter the gl offset and this is a 'RU' document $ 100. When the sale
is confirmed and invoiced ie for $ 300 we will then apply the 'RU' to the
invoice leaving the outstanding balance of $ 200 to be settled later.