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Hello, we changed out a deployment server, we changed the name of the old
deployment server and gave the old name to the new deployment server.
Installed the deployment server software on the new server, created a plan
and changed all of the statuses to 60 except the ODBC settings, ran the plan
and we have connectivity to the AS400, a good thing. We can use the install
manager on the client station and it installs just fine. The problem is,
with the new client install, one can not sign on to the AS400. The client
access sql statement fails to fetch a record from the F98611 System - B7333.
The datasources and the ODBC settings have not changed. The JDE.INI is
exactly the same on the old and the new deployment servers. The same on the
client side as well. Mind you clients that are already installed are
working fine. Doing a new install on a client is the problem. Any
suggestions? OneWorld Release XE B7333, V4R5(all the proper ptfs are
applied), Deployment server is NT 4.0 SP 6A and all prereqs. are installed.
Thanks in advance.

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