Deployment Server - It is all in the Name


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Doug -

We went through a Deployment Server name change recently and the only
document we could find on Knowledge Garden was entitled "Changing Out a
Deployment Server" - but it was for B732 and dated FEB 99.

Our Database is not on the DS, but we did find some additional changes that
were necessary and were not listed in the JDE document (shock!). The
document failed to mention to make the database updates for all environments
(Pristine, etc) and it neglected to include the SYSB733.F9651 and
SYSB733.F9650 tables.

Oh, yeah - another hitch also not documented (say it ain't so) - for
packages to be built and deployed correctly, the machine detail entries for
the Enterprise Server and Deployment Server must refer to the correct DS
name (new one).

The DS name can be changed without changing the Enterprise Server name. I
recommend doing the DS first. Do not allow anyone to do development (Check
In / Check Out / etc) during the change. Upon completion, test by using OL,
building and deploying server and client packages. After a few days with
things operating well, proceed to make the Enterprise Server change.

I strongly encourage you not to make the DS and ES changes at the same time
in case things go south. Also, full backups before would be a wise time

Tony Nelipovich
HP-UX 11.00 / Oracle 8.04 / JDE B7331 SP 7.1