Deployment Server/Developer's workstation


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Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

Can anyone clarify to me the role of the deployment Server - That is, what should be done on the Deployment Server ? I am told to log into either DEP7333 and JDEPLAN environment only but I am not 100% clear on which environment I should log in to when I want to do something on the Deployment Server. Can anyone show me some light ? Normally I would log into JDEPLAN to create a plan and run the workbench when I am installing some new things such as a new Terminal Server. I would create packages and deploy when logged into DEP7333. Is that correct ?

Besides, I can also create packages and deploy with a develpoer's workstation. Should I do that ?

This sounds like a series of stupid question but I am confused. Can anybody help clearing my concept.


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RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

Here's the proper usage of the Deployment Server and Developer Workstation:

The deployment server is you 'code base'. Think of it this way, when you buy
a product like MS Office you get a set of 'replicated-object' or a point in
time snap shot of software when MS thinks they got it right. With JDE they
give you the code base (central objects) and you decide when it's good
enough to replicate and install on your servers and workstations.

Now since you actually 'own' the code base and have it locally you need to
update it (ESU's), package it and deploy it. This is why the Deployment
server has 2 special environments (1 pathcode) in addition to the normal
environment & pathcodes:

Deployment Server - JDEPLAN
-used for installing ANY software update
-used to add ANY server to the JDE install

Deployment Server - DEP7333
-used to build ANY package where you don't need to actually push out
custom specs (reports, apps, etc.)
-used to deploy ANY package from the Deployment Server

Developer Workstation
-used to build ANY package where you do need to push out custom
specs (reports, apps, etc)
-used to deploy ANY package from the Deployment Server
-used for Development

If you've got a new install and don't have any custom objects then you can
build all your packages from the Deployment server which generally has more
power than a workstation. All custom versions of JDE objects will JITI down
to workstations and servers (except WTS). Once you start making custom
objects (applications and reports) you'll need to start building packages on
a workstation. This is because the DEP7333 environment looks at the PLANNER
pathcode. When you build a package with custom objects on in the DEP7333
environment on the Deployment server the message you'll get is 'Object not
checked into pathcode'. This is of course


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Re: RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation


I have never heard this explained this way before. What I've heard (from a mix of tech support and consultants - I don't remember who said what)..

- you can build all packages on the deployment server.
- you should be logged in on the deployment server to the environment for which you're building the package.

My understanding was that as long as all modified objects (including new, custom ones) are checked in, they will be accessable to any workstation or deployment server building a package in that environment. Surely they are accessable to the deployment server, as that's where they're stored when they're checked in (well, the parts that matter for purposes of this point anyway) - yes, no maybe so?

Are you saying that you CAN'T build packages on the deployment server except when logged into DEP7333? (I know you can physically cuz I've done it many times, but are you suggesting that it violates some rule?)

If I understand you right, how would you build a development package after, say installing update 3 to development? According to your explanation you couldn't rebuild package DV7333FA logged in to DEP7333 because you'd be including non-update3 objects from the planner pathcode, right? Those absolutely must be done on a workstation??

I'm not challenging your knowledge, believe me... but we've been wrestling with package builds now for several months. The environments seem to get completely "out of whack" and package builds start failing all over.

I'm just looking for some sanity in explaining what is happening here, and your statements are a huge spotlight at the end of the tunnel. :)

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RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

I have been fortunate to work with a very good and knowledgeable CNC
consultant from JDE. This is the way he explained package builds to me

If you are using the deployment server, the package must be built in the
DEP733 environment. If you are using a workstation to build a package, you
must log into the environment you are building the package for (i.e., if you
want a full CRP package, log into the CRP733 environment).

Hope this helps.

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Re: RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

Thanks, I will try to digest them all and any more thoughts or ideas that you think worthwhile are welcomed.

Thanks to all !

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Re: RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

Deployment Server - DEP7333
-used to build ANY package where you don't need to actually push out
custom specs (reports, apps, etc.)
-used to deploy ANY package from the Deployment Serve
I'm not sure about this one. I've aways logged onto DEP7333 for any package I build whether
it had custom stuff or not. As log as the objects are checked in, your package definition is going to
pick up the objects from the defined path code and environment. gm.

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Re: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

You can log onto the Deployment Server in any environment, it after all has the only full set of Specs and DLLs for every environment.

But if you try to build an update package for an environment when you are logged into that environment you will get file locking errors. The reason - as part of an update package some objects are updated back into the SPEC files of the base package, this is where you are running, but otherwise it works fine.

It is not recommended to build packages in the planner environment, this is mainly for Install, ESU and Upgrade use.

Since the Deployment Server is bigger than most work stations and faster, plus no network movement, package builds should run better and quicker on the Deployment Server.

The Developers Workstation is reserved for OMW work, it needs to have C++ unlike other Workstations, to work with Business Functions. Otherwise it is just another thick client, of a slightly higher spec.

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RE: RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

I'll just throw out my own personal experience and everyone can take it as
they wish. We (myself and the other CNC guy) build a minimum of 20 DV
packages 20 PY packages and 2 PD packages a week (We do lotttttts of custom
mods). He normally builds them on his PC logged into whatever environment he
happens to be in. I build all mine on my deployment server in DEP7333.
Neither way presents any problems. As I understand it the process goes to
the DB and the requisite directories on the deployment server to get all the
pieces it needs to build a package anyhow.

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Re: RE: Deployment Server/Developer\'s workstation

Dan, I've built packages locally on my workstation... I don't have one
suped up enough so I only do full packages on the deployment server but i
have done updates and cum updates on mine... I usually do them on the
deployment server but if i want an update package done when i have a full
package going on the dep server i just do it off of my workstation.. so i
know it's possible!! Oh, i only use the DEP7333 env on the deployment
server when building full and update packages... so far I believe we only
used PLANNER when we initially set up and loaded everything....

I'm sure there a lots of ways to do things.... Happy Friday!!! Yea!!


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