Deploying Display Decimals Changes


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Hi List/Forum,

We are planning to change Display Decimals in logistic (QTYINV Class + QNTY) on more installations on more releases of OneWorld.

Can somebody confirm that is DDDICT, DDTEXT, GLBLTBL spec deletions an appropriate way to deploy this changes to the workstations and servers?

Please, mark your OW release(s) where you experienced your results in your reply because we are interested in this issue on B7321, B7331, B7332 and XE too. Thanks!

Any other helpful relevant hints will also be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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I did perform this on B7332 for AS400 V4R5

After you have updated the Data Dictionary as you say you need to replicate
to workstations and server.

Workstations: Delete glbltbl.*, dddict.*, ddtext.*

Enterprise Server: 1)Run R92TAM (this create the dddict.* and ddtext.*
files in the b7 folder of your client)
2)Run TAMFTP for dddict.* and ddtext.* up to enterprise
3)Copy files from temp folder into each pathcode/specfile
4)Delete glbltbl.*

This is what worked for me.
Good Luck.

PS I ran R92TAM because I don't think the dddict and ddtext will JITI
(re-generate on the enterprise servers)

Sean Gilbert
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I think I am right in saying that if replication is set up correctly =
data dictionary change writes a record for each subscriber to the =
When that subscriber nexts signs on the replication takes place and =
the record from the table. However, this only works for the environment =
the user signs on to. This is OK for a production machine with just the =
environment but if there are more than one on a client then I believe =
only way is to delete the six spec files in every other environment.


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We changed both QTYINV and QNTY and deployed the changes this way with no
problems on Xe.

--Scotti Whitmire
DeRoyal Industries
Xe, SP15, AIX 4.3.3, Oracle 8.1.6
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OK Zoltan... I am convinced that there are a team of very smart Hungarian folks in a "think tank" who all go by the name Zoltan. Is that how you keep up the participation in the list? (Glad that you do...)

We did this on B733.2. We had some odd experiences (some screens still showing no decimals) until we completely got new packages deployed. I am sorry to give you a such a vague "scare"... But if I were running a shop that needed to do this again... I would insist that we get new packages (along with the data dict and globals) out to every last PC.

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO



Yes, we did in that way, we made the changes in QNTY and delete that files,
everything was ok.

Only something to consider, we made the changes before to go alive, because
the changes over the Data Base take effect until the change on the fields is
maded, othercase the historical data going to have less digits than the new
registers, and you have to update your database.



Deletion of these files will wok fine where JITI will replace them. This
will not occur on servers so packages are by far the best method to ensure
proper replacement of any DD changes. Deleting these 3 files is a useful
way of bringing down changes on to a single fat client during testing or
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QNTY) on more installations on more releases of OneWorld.
appropriate way to deploy this changes to the workstations and servers?
reply because we are interested in this issue on B7321, B7331, B7332 and XE
too. Thanks!