Dependent Demand and MRP


We are running EnterpriseOne 9.0

We currently have upper level forecast at the finished good level that blows down in typical MRP manner (planned work orders and planned purchase orders) as well as actual sales order demand at the finished level.

At present, we have been instructed to build only to the actual sales orders and not to forecast.

My question is this:
Can we set MRP to disregard the forecast at the Finished Level so that only actual sales order demand only blows down through MRP? I could then use safety stocks on the purchasing and manufactured side to drive demand, as we have been instructed to use the safety stocks.

I know this is a somewhat backwards way to do things, but I simply cannot remove the forecast at the finished level at this time.

Any insight is appreciated.

Thanks from a newbie!


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Hi Andrew,

Forecasts will only be used if specified in processing options of R3482/R3483 (Forecast tab). If blank, no Forecasts will be included.

Perhaps also consider Planning Fence Rules and Planning Fence Days so that MRP will only consider high level demand from Sales Orders for x days and from then on will look at Forecasts or the greater of sales orders and forecasts (this may be handy for those Items with long lead times).