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Deferred Revenue Recognition

We are trying to come up with a solution for posting our invoices based on the delivery date of a sales order versus the invoice date field. We are trying to accomplish the task of recognizing revenue after the customer has received product versus when it was shipped. I did some research and it looks like cycle billing could help you to defer the sale by a given factor, but it is based on the invoice date. We do not want to touch that field. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Mike Dupaix

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What are you using to determine/enter delivery date?
Is it the actual ship date (date when ship
confirmation was entered), the requested delivery
date, or the expected customer on-dock date?

Within Sales update, there are processing options to
control three dates for updating AR and the GL. Maybe
one of these would provide you with some flexibility.
You could also explore using a preference profile to
control your dates.
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Is there a GAAP requirement to post Sales Orders as deferred revenue to the GL the same day as it's entered? We have a lag time of 3 days before fulfillment happens. Is that a problem?