DecimalsTriggerGetbyCOCRCD - Set to OFF?


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Maybe someone knows a shortcut / suggestion....

I have a Custom UBE, using Custom BSVWs. There are No Currency Values in the BSVW (F4211.MCU, KCOO, DOCO, DCTO, LNID, Dates...). I'm hitting some performance issues - and I have a hunch that some are a result of the 'DecimalsTriggerGetbyCOCRCD' in the "Currency Conversion is On " Table Event Rule (being kicked off about a billion times).

Is there a way to trick the TER to 'not run'? Basically, within a UBE - to temporarily turn that TER off?

How do I tell the 'read / fetch' of the record to 'not' run the "Currency Conversion is On" Event?

Maybe I just need to be better medicated...

Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,

I know it can be disabled in a BSFN when you have a table handle using the API JDB_SetRequestOptions. You should be able to get at it with the technique used to manually set the data selection since that ultimately gets the handle. Haven't tried that specifically.

A did something similar in a BSFN while trying to squeeze every bit of speed out of it. I did notice the decimal trigger functions seemed to be taking precious time, but that only happened occasionally on the fat client. On the server there was not a noticeable difference with the option on or off. Your mileage may vary of course depending on the number of invocations etc.

Thanks Craig,

On a Developer Client - Ugh, the performance is awful! I'm sure on the server it doesn't really matter (BSFN / Mapping stuff).

I'll ignore the 'localized' performance, for now - and keep the suggestions in the back of my mind. It's an older tools release, which could be an additional reason why I am seeing the impact.