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We went live in 2 phases. Phase one set up for 4 decimal places, ie. BOM quantity field. Our phase I plants mostly purchase and assemble so no problem, but two of our phase II plants are fabrication plants making very small metal stampings. A lot of what we use is silver used in very small quantities so we need 5 decimal places, I understand JDE recommends not changing any DD decimal place field after go-live. Does anyone have any experience with this. While we are at it, does anyone know if there would be any problem changing the DD field length value for "2nd description" from 30 characters to 45 characters again after being live?

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Hi Nick,
Decimal places and description size are two different problem.
Changing decimal places do not change the size of the data item but description size change does.
So, if you change the size of the data item then you have to convert all tables which are stroring values in this data item, further supposely it can cause problems on Forms and Reports because displaying this item will require more place.

Sorry, my recommendation is do not change already used data items in a living environment.


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Agree with Zoltan.
Changing the length of 2nd description (you mean DD item DSC1 I guess) is
practically impossible - you would have to change the JDE tables...
To change the decimal places for a DD item AFTER go-live - you would have to
figure out all files where the info is stored, convert the historic info
PLUS it is strongly recommended to do pre-conversion testing (to test the
procedure plus figure out all the errors you may encounter with for instance


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You may want to look at a less drastic alternative to changing the size of the description field. you could always create a side file to contain any additional description fields and then reference this side file wherever you really need it. for example, maybe you are just looking to add more description to purchase orders or bills of lading. in those two specific ube's you could then pick up any additional description that would be needed from your side file and print them.

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Re: RE: Decimal Places in 7332

Other disadvantages of changing original OW Data Items:
Almost sure, it will cause several hardly identifiable problems, faults and missfunctions running OW after installing an ESU and/or upgrade.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)