Debugging BSFN - How to Add DLL in Visual Studio 2005/2008 for Rel B7333


:confused:B7333 release: oexplorer.exe has to be used for debugging BSFNs in Visual Studio (newer version uses ActiveConsole.exe).

In addition to oexplorer.exe we need to add DLL which contains BSFN we wish to debug.

VC 6.0: all set.

Visual Studio 2005 or 2008. I can open project and select oexplorer.exe. Fine. But I could not find a way to add DLL.

Please assist.

Windows 7
JDE Release - B7333
Visual Studio both 2005 and 2008 (each on two different developer machines)


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No need to add individual DLL's after VC 6.0

Later Visual Studio releases only require that the process (activeconsole, oexplorer, etc) be attached to the debugger. Attached to debugger simply means opening the exe in the VS IDE and running -OR- and this is my preference, do an 'Attach to Process' from the Debug menu.

As long as your BSFN's are built locally on the fat client and your E1 process is 'attached' to the debugger, you should be all set. Don't worry about DLL's anymore.


JMR, I did the following and it did not work:
Log into JDE opened.
Now attach to oexplorer.exe in VS 2005.
Define breakpoint in the BSFN (in my case N55ANUJ.c) which is compiled locally.
Run the job (in my case UBE) locally in JDE that contains the business function.

It did not stop at the breakpoint in N55ANUJ.c


Quick Update:
Just tried ActiveConsole.exe instead of oexplorer.exe, debugging on Visual Studio 2005 (for JDE release B7333) is working.

Chan Rana

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There is step to attach the DLL after you open oexplorer. In your case mostly it would be CCUSTOM. I am not exactly able to recall but either you add it thru reference or just attach it along with oexplorer.