Debug NER using ER Debugger


Hi List!

Does anyone have an experience of debugging NER BSFN using Event Rules Debugger (NOT Microsoft Visual C++ debugger).
If yes please share it with me.

Thank you.

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Hi Denis,

I am sorry to say, there is no way to debug NER BSFNs with Event Rule Debugger. At least till XE SP 14 I haven't found this feature in OneWorld.


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Hello Haritod,

There was a very useful thread which appeared on the jdelist back in April
which was all about debugging business functions using Visual C++. The
thread was simply called..........


(note the spelling!) and ran from 9th to 18th April 2001 inclusive.

Using this thread, I managed to debug BSFNs with no prior knowledge at all.
Thanks jdelist!!!
Kind Regards,
Ah! Just re-read the dubugging thread, and realised that I had the added
advantage of the JDE Developer's Guide to hand to assist me. If you need
help, e-mail me direct and I'll tell you what I know. (That shouldn't take
too long!!)


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A belated note on this issue.

A recent call to the help desk had me imbed
business function MD_DEBUG w/in my NER.

This F(b) allows you to throw text message
and variables to the screen.

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