Debug A Hover Form


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Does anyone know how to debug a Hover form?

I've tried the "usual" way. Start debug, add a breakpoint right at the start, and run application.
But it doesn't stop at the breakpoint.
Are Hover forms treated different?

Ok, I cheated. I changed it temporarily to a regular message form and debugged that way. Once done, just change it back. I had to "frig" the FI fields for testing but ... hey it worked.
Hello ,

Could you please let me know how you debugged the hover form.

In the above post , you mentioned as "Changed temporarily to a regular message form".....does that means you disabled the pop up form option in the message form properties.

I tried disabling the pop up form option and debug it .....but still it does not stop at the break point.

-Thank you.
I'm also having a tough time trying to figure out how to change the form to a simple message form to debug it
also is there any documentation on how to code the details ?

Figured it out - removed the POP up check in form properties, had to sign off/on and delete global tables for it to take effect though.
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