DEADLINE EXTENDED HUG Wired for Success 2016 Eblast Newsletter Q1 Issue to Jan 26th

Terry DeMoure

Reputable Poster
We are extending the deadline for HUG 2016 Sponsor Member submissions for the HUG Wired for Success 2016 Eblast Newsletter Q1 Issue from today, January 10th 2016 out to January 25th 2016 to allow some of you, who are still in the process of submitting your HUG 2016 Sponsor Membership applications and payment, ample time for them to be processed so that you are eligible to still be included in this 2016 Q1 issue.

In each quarterly issue we strive to introduce our membership to one HUG 2015 Sponsor Member company and one HUG 2015 Customer Member company with feature articles on them. We have not yet chosen the featured HUG 2016 Sponsor Member company for our HUG Wired for Success 2016 Eblast Newsletter Q1 Issue. Their article will appear along with news/updates from HUG Executive BOD Officers. If you company would like to be considered for this feature, please respond to this email and let us know.

It is not too late for any of our awesome past HUG 2015 Sponsor Members to still be a part of our awesome publication through renewing your membership for 2016 today. Many of our new HUG 2016 Sponsor Membership levels include eligibility for submitting a full page full color flyers for inclusion in our HUG Wired for Success 2015 Eblast Newsletter quarterly issues.

We are looking forward to hearing from you real soon.



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