E9.1 "Dead End" Sourced From Audit


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We are in the process of expanding our group of users responsible to set up Item Master/Item Branch. As careful as you can be in training, mistakes will be made (heck, the experts make mistakes...). We are just looking at ways we can review setup for errors to prevent issues down the road.

Is anyone aware of a way to figure out to audit where sourced from codes reach a dead end? Let me give a few examples:
  • I set up a sourced from code from a store in the US to source from a DC in a foreign market where this is not set up on the Branch/Plant relationships
  • I set up a sourced from code for an inactive branch/plant relationship.
  • I set up a sourced from code for a branch where the SKU is not set up in Item Branch. For instance, my sourced from code is for Denver DC, but I haven't set up the SKU in the Denver DC
I'd even take a SQL statement if someone had it. Thanks in advance.