DD -Assign Properties to a Message Parameter


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Got a phunny message back when I sent this the first time... Thus, it get's
OK - I am a self help phreak, but I cannot find documentation on this... so
I ask for help where you can!
In our legacy system (B731?), we have a custom message with ten parameters
(&1, &2...$10).
When doing development in the legacy system, each of the parameters is a
specified data type (shortitemno, integer... somethingdifferent).
When I attempt to create the same message in our XE environment, I don't
know how to assign the data type to the parameters(I don't know how to
assign them in the Legacy, either). I know it must not be too difficult to
assign the type to the message parameters, but I don't know how...
Point me to some documentation... or... just point me...
No, I don't remember learning this in class? I remember building messages
and assigning text and values, but not assigning properties to the
Daniel Bohner
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