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Hi Team,
I need a program in C that connects directly a db2-database with OneWorld... (With ODBC ?)

ANy procedure documentation ,links for information??

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There's a documentation previously send out by PardhaSardhi Jasti on the
subject Accessing JDE Table from VC++6.0, probably you can look it up in the
www.jdelist.com to view his reply. anyway, the steps are as below:-

1. Open VC++ and create a new "Win32 Console Application" - give it a name
and a location.
2. Choose "An Empty Project" from the list on the next screen - and click
3. Click "OK" on the last screen.
4. Click the "File View" tab on the lower-left side of the screen. Right
click on "Source Files" and choose "Add Files to Folder". Choose the
example .c file.
5. Repeat to add the example .h file.
6. Choose "Options..." from the Tools menu.
7. Click the "Directories" tab.
8. In the list, add paths for your b7\system\include, b7\system\includeV and
9. Choose "Settings" from the "Projects" menu.
10. Choose the "C/C++" tab and select "Code Generation" from the "Category"
drop-down list.
11. Change "Calling Convention" to "_stdcall" and "Struct Member Alignment"
to 1 Byte.
12. In the Project Options window, Add "/D "KERNEL"".
13. Choose the "Link" tab.
14. Add "<drive>:\b7\system\lib32\jdekrnl.lib" and
15. Click "Ok".
16. From the "Build" menu, select "Build <project>.exe

It should compile. Then run the resulting exe from a DOS prompt.

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OneWorld... (With ODBC ?)