Dates in World Writer


Hello List,
I have an interesting situation I've never seen before. We are running
A7.3 cum 8 and when we build a World writer over the Bulk Transaction
ledger (F41511) and select the "reading date" field, PADTE, World writer
treats this field as an MDY field instead of the typical JUL that appears
to the right of the date value or range.
Has anyone ever had a similar experience? and can enlighten me as to why??

I've been able to replace the MDY with a JUL on the data selection screen,
and it appears to run correctly, but any other date from any other file
always defaults as a julian date format.
I'm sure you may need more information, but I'll start here.
I'm perplexed.

Jim Zimmerman
Sterling Chemicals
V4R2, A7.3 c8...going to c12, and V4R5 when time allows....


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Probably because if the Data Dictionary definition on the item is set to DATEG instead of DATEW. I'm guessing you can change it to DATEW and things should work just fine.

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, V4R5 (not happy)