Date types in XE

When XE is installed (not via an upgrade), are the date fields still stored as julian? Or is JDE using an actual data/time field? Is this the same thing for an upgrade too? Or does the julian format get imported into XE?

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Does that mean that all dates are stored as numeric? If so, is this format the same as World (ie 98201) or is it like a Gregorian (ie 19980720)?

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See earlier posts on this issue.

Basically the JDE date is a 6 digit number - YYYDDD, where YYY is year since
1900, and DDD is the day in the year from 001 to 365/366

so today's date is 101207.

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Re: RE: Date types in XE

Ok, I get it now. But, that leaves me with one last question....I am using a demo database (Access mdb), and all the dates are MM/DD/YYYY. Is this just because this is a demo?

Again, thanks for the help!