E9.1 Date Pattern for Forecast Generation


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When I attempt to run Forecast Generation (R34650), I keep getting an error message stating the following: "Fiscal Date Pattern 'R' must be extended past 12/" (it appears the last few digits of this date are cut off)

Date pattern for company being forecast is "K", and it's setup out to 12/31/28

Date pattern used in forecast is "R" and it's setup out to 12/31/28.

Can someone please direct me to a way to correct this error?


You should check the date format you are using. Looks like "12/'' pointing to year which should be extended further. Not sure your date format, in our case it is YY/MM/DD.


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You might want to check out Doc ID 2348268.1 on MOS. This might be a reported problem where weeks are being treated as months. This document says there was a bug for both E1 apps 9.0 and 9.1. Are you running either 9.0 or 9.1?