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During the installation of OneWorld, owners of objects are created as a user
in the Oracle database ie proddta, crpdta, applead etc.....and many more. Is
it advisable to remove any of them ? What functions/ roles do they play in
installation and upgrades or
if at all, when OW is up & running ? Has anyone changed the passwords
especially for proddta...etc..

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DO NOT Remove any of the object owners created during the install of
OneWorld especially if you're using Oracle. These object owners and
passwords are usefull when copying tables between datasource. This can be
done directly from the Object Librarian and without any knowledge of Oracle
or SQL. Simply open up a table in Object librarian and from the form exit on
the top menu bar select copy table. This allows you to move the current
table between any datasource.If you move a table to PRODDTA from say CRPDTA
you will be prompted for the database password for PRODDTA which is also
PRODDTA. Since everyone knows this password you should propably change it
(same for the jde/jde).


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