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database size VS memory (RAM)


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We have a 2.5TB JDE production database (working on archiving project to be executed, later this year).

Given the size of our database, what size of RAM would be appropriate for our database to function without any contention.
Yes, SQL will take as much as you give it and use it, but is there a general rule of thumb when determining RAM for a database size, as large as ours?

Thanks for your input.


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No. Transaction Volume (frequency), number / size of batch processes, number of concurrent users, reporting, basically everything contending for resources is a factor in addition to the amount of data you have.

Keep this in mind however, memory (RAM) is ridiculously cheap nowadays. You shouldn't agonize over this - load up the server with a ton of it.

What you SHOULD be concerned / asking about is the secondary storage. That's the performance bottleneck. There's also potentially a lot of money involved in building an optimum configuration.


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Thank you for your feedback.
We have 475GB allocated to SQL, the box itself has 500GB of RAM. We often see high buffer I/O latency, which I'm told, is a telltale sign of memory pressure.



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Perhaps you can feed us a bit more information.
We know nothing about the hardware (Server Mfgr and model, #sockets / CPUs, storage configuration, raid / SAN setup - number of spindles, number of controllers, type, ...),
the O.S. (version and "bitness"), SQL Server version and bitness, ...
the Load (# concurrent users, batch jobs, ...)

Given the information provided so far you may have allocated too much memory to Sql Server (see https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...8438a0462e-news12087_22_2012&utm_medium=email).