Database has less columns than Specs


In a recent project, I added a few columns to a table. Generated the table in every environment as it was promoted, everything worked in our development and prototype environments. When we promoted to Production, we found that fetches to the table would not work. If the table was in a business view on a grid, the records would populate, but would not when the value was populated in a form control by way of Select and FetchNext. We ran logs and they said that the table in our database has 18 physical columns, while our specs has 25 logical columns.

The table has been generated multiple times, in every environment. Thoughts?


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Changing table specs (adding columns) can be a pain with the web environments. Don't know your release/SP (include in your signature) but we had to restart web instances to sync the specs with actual table layout. Cache clearing did not help.


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I can second what Craig is saying. We 100% confirmed that you have to bounce the JAS servers when you change a table spec. In fact I think Craig help confirm for us that you have to do this. I will go one further. When we change a table spec we almost always do a full build. If there is any C code that references the table it may very well need to be recompiled even if the business logic of the C code is not effected by the new field(s) (or in very rare instances if we delete field(s)). The only way to force a full recompile is with a full build.