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I am trying to determine which as400 library a given table resides in via an interactive program. I've search through BSFN documentation but can't find what I'm looking for.

So i've started looking through F98* tables but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

So for instance if I were to try and return the as400 library that F4201 resides in via an interactive program, how would I go about doing this?

You will need to use the OCM (F986101) to get the data source for the table, remembering that if a specific line is not there for a table, then use the default for tables, and then get the definition of the data source from the data source master F98611.

Other tables that may be of use are:
-Object Librarian - F9860
-Table Header - F98710
-Table Columns - F98711
-Primary Index Header - F98712
-Primary Index Detail - F98713
F98611.DATB2 has AS400 library. But this table gives based on one world data source. You can figure out one world data source from UTB/ Databrowser and also there is a table (dont remember what it is) stores this info
Do you mean an interactive JDE program or on the iSeries itself?

I usually just

WRKOBJ */F986110 (or whatever table)

on the iSeries if I want to see where a table is.

Otherwise if writing something in JDE maybe you could use GetValidDataSource() BSFN?
I echo all the above but just to add, I usually make sure of my findings by using UTB (see what datasource comes back as you tabe out) and I also use JDEObjectBrowser from Patwel (Craig's baby)
That too pops the datasource in by default from your OCMs

Your OCMs maybe different to the enterprise servers though
Awesome. Between the business function and F98611 I was able to get the information I needed.

Thanks everyone