data source for given table


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I am trying to determine which as400 library a given table resides in via an interactive program. I've search through BSFN documentation but can't find what I'm looking for.

So i've started looking through F98* tables but can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

So for instance if I were to try and return the as400 library that F4201 resides in via an interactive program, how would I go about doing this?


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You will need to use the OCM (F986101) to get the data source for the table, remembering that if a specific line is not there for a table, then use the default for tables, and then get the definition of the data source from the data source master F98611.

Other tables that may be of use are:
-Object Librarian - F9860
-Table Header - F98710
-Table Columns - F98711
-Primary Index Header - F98712
-Primary Index Detail - F98713


F98611.DATB2 has AS400 library. But this table gives based on one world data source. You can figure out one world data source from UTB/ Databrowser and also there is a table (dont remember what it is) stores this info


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Do you mean an interactive JDE program or on the iSeries itself?

I usually just

WRKOBJ */F986110 (or whatever table)

on the iSeries if I want to see where a table is.

Otherwise if writing something in JDE maybe you could use GetValidDataSource() BSFN?
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I echo all the above but just to add, I usually make sure of my findings by using UTB (see what datasource comes back as you tabe out) and I also use JDEObjectBrowser from Patwel (Craig's baby)
That too pops the datasource in by default from your OCMs

Your OCMs maybe different to the enterprise servers though