Data Selection for Nulls or Blank


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That is because data-dictionary item EDCT does not allow blanks when used through E1. You come at that table outside of E1, it won't look at any validation column EDCT has.
EDSP is the same.
(Allow Blank Entry = N - meaning in E1 it adds a space)


People should take a look at the ASCII chart and learn what these 2 values of blank and NULL are in Binary. (which at the end of the day, regardless of what software you are using is what the comparison in the CPUs registries will use)

Null is 0 no value at all in decimal
Blank is 32 in decimal

So an if of Less than or equal to BLANK (32) will capture both blank AND NULL


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It is interesting this came up as I am working on a similar issue with records I insert using an E1 headerless detail and ER code, plus a 3rd party Oracle insert.

E1 pathways add blank to fields like REFN etc, even though they were NOT assigned a value in the insert mapping. As it obeys the DD items rules. (Allow Blank entry = N)

If you do the same insert using Oracle, REFN will be NULL.

I would be keen to see that if we tick that tick box on the DD item, will it actually bypass DD checking and allow a NULL.