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Data Purge


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I have an interesting one here, and the only thing I could think of is
possibly using table conversions but even then it is stick: My former
employer wishes to purge the JDE system, across the board/all tables, of
data that is older than a given date. I said I know of particular UBE's that
clear out particular tables, but nothing that does it globally..any ideas to
this? They are running B733.1 SP11 (last I heard) with Oracle 8.15 on NT..


Xe, SP16/Update 2, NT/SQL, WTS/Metaframe 1.8

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Hi John,

you said "My former employer ...". Are you no longer employed because you told them this would not be a wise thing to do?

It really isn't very wise. Consider the following examples: An item is deleted from the Item master and Item branch tables because it hasn't been modifed since before the cutoff date. However references to that Item may exist all over the system (BOM, Customer Pricing, Xref, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, ...). The same is true for G/L accounts, AAIs, UDC codes, ...

Your knowledge of purging/archiving specific tables/data is the way to go rather than to try an arbitrary cutoff across the board. If space is the issue have your DBA identify the tables that are largest in size and you match those table with purge programs you know about.

I started to list common culprits such as F0911 - G/L Detail, F4111 - Item Transactions Ledger, etc. but there are a lot of potential offenders and you can best determine them but examining table sizes / row counts.


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My experience is no purge....
It creates a lot of problems


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