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We are in the process of developing Data Purge procedures and will be attempting our first purge of data since being on JDE. Financials have been live since October 1999 and Distribution since June 2000. We utilize a data warehouse so we'd like to keep the transactions file size to a 'reasonable' minimum.

I know that data purge can be a real 'gotcha' so if anyone has put together procedures or would be will to share knowledge about this area, it would be greatly appreciated.

AS/400, Co-existence, A7.3 Cume 11, B7332 SP 10 (Soon to be Xe).

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I would be very wary when purging linked files such as the Sales Order files
using P00PURGE, since you can end up deleting parts of an order if it was
shipped over a period of time, leaving the header behind, or even deleting
the header and leaving details behind.
JDE is the only system I have ever come across that purges data in this way.
The traditional approcah would be to select (for example) all Order Headers
with a closed status and no changes since a given date, read all records for
each selected order from all order files and flag them for deletion, then
flag the order header itself. A separate process can then pass through the
files and delete all flagged records.
We are at the point where we also need to purge having been World users
since 1996 - I have my fingers crossed.......
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I tried this once on the F0911 and this is what I found out;
1. Accounts MUST be reconciled BEFORE they WILL summarize.
2. If an account is not summarized (because it was not
reconciled) it WILL still be purged, but you WILL NOT have a summary or
balance forward record.
3. The summary creates one balance forward record per account
per month. Then the purge removes all of the detail.
4. Always test this on a copy of the F0911 first.

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JD Edwards has provided excellent data purge recommendations in the E9 (Euro
Conversion) ptf. These apply to every JDE World customer, not just those
who have Euro concerns.

Order the E9 upgrade. Use the very large E9 workbook that explains in
detail how to purge data files in each system.


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Re: RE: Data Purge Procedures

I suggested ordering this to my boss and he replied back.
"Is this for 8.1?"

I keep forgeting that most of the "JDE World" World is on 7.xx and not 8.xx

We are not interested at Euro conversion at this time but having some decent purge information is ALWAYS helpfull.

Do you know?

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RE: RE: Data Purge Procedures

Regarding: Is this for 8.1?
You can order the E9 (Euro) ptf for either A73 or A81. I think the same
workbook is used for both releases. The Purge info is not Euro-specific,
but applies to any site that want to reduce the size of JDE data files.
Eric Lehti