Data Migration for PO Text Attachment



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Apologies. This question shld be posted in E1 Technical. Kindly ignore this thread.

Hi all,

We intend to migrate PO text attachment from E9.0 to E9.1. We are using ERW to extract data in CSV format including PO text attachment and upload into E9.1 PO tables via std EDI. Apparently, PO text attchment which were aligned properly (line spaces etc) in E9.0 been extracted and migrated into E9.1, all these PO text are no longer in proper order and alignment. E.g. a particular PO line text which contains 10 lines with line spaces etc, the outcome will be all these 10 lines are appending one after another.

I wonder if this is correct way for migrating text attachment. If anyone of you out there had such experienced and able to migrate text attachment successfully, i will appreciates if you could share the correct way or method.

Thank you.
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