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Data Dictionary


One World B733.2 SP15/ World A7.3 Cum11 (X2)

I have changed the decimal placing for the alias 'TRQT' to six decimal places in the data dictionary -One World. Unfortuantely the change is not being recognised. I am using it in the issue programe (P4112).

Is there something else that I have to do for the change to become effective?


Abdul Varachia
South Africa

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Active Member
There is a very good white paper on this on the knowledge garden.
Basically, the data type needs to be changed rather than the data dictionary
item. The white paper outlines how to change this and the impacts of those
changes on any data you may have in any inventory files.


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Hi Abdul,

I suppose, changing display decimals for TRQT only could be very dangerous!!!!
You have to change this value for all data item belonging to QTYINV class (plus an other one, but currently I do not remember its alias).

I wouldn't like to describe her how to do it, how does it affect already existing data and the other aspect. As far as I remember, it was fully discused on the OneWorld Lists/Forum. Please, seek the archives on the Forum for these threads. You can find a chapter "Uppdating Display Decimals" in your OW System Administration manual and white paper on the Knowledge Garden as Bruce has mentioned previously.

On the other hand, there is two way to take effect the changes:
1.) Delete the GLBLTBL, DDDICT and DDDTEXT files with .xdb and .ddb extencions in your "b7\pathcode\spec" subfolder. Log-off OW previosly!
2.) Build a Package and deploy.

You can also find a chapter "Replicating Data Dictionary Changes" in your OW System Administration manual.

At last an other advise. If you change display decimals then perviously stop all works on your system, change it, deploy the changes to all workstations and servers before the usage of the system would be continued, to prevent the situation when one machine uses the new settings while others use the old one, which can corrupt your data.

Handle carfully data dictionary changes, mainly display decimals!


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)