Data Dictionary Replication


I'm puzzled by this topic.
When making changes to a data dictionary item, namely the default value, the local TAM specs are also updated at the same time. However, this appears to be limited to DDDICT and DDTEXT. However, the important file the applications use is GBLTBL and this is not updated.
Even with replication on, there are no changes to this table.
If this is the case, what is the proper and easiest procedure for ensuring these spec files are all in synch on the clients.
If it does work this way, what is the point of DD replication if it only does half the job?
Response Line tell me that it does update the GBLTBL immediately under SP14.1 (we are on SP13). I managed to try it on B7332 and it did not update the GBLTBL either.
We are on Unix/Oracle/Xe/SP13. Grateful for any feedback


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The "old" method to rebuild global tables is to run R98CRTGL. It is pretty
fast if the connection to central objects is fast - about 3 minutes in my
environment. Then just copy the table to all TSE and fat clients.

Forgive me if I'm not understanding you or this subject correctly, but my
interpretation is this:
DDDICT is the TAM Spec for header information for data dictionery items, ie
it's central object (RDB Spec) is F9200.
DDTEXT is the TAM spec for all detail information for data dictionary items,
ie it's central objects are F9200, F9202, F9203, F9207, and F9210.
(Along with GLBTBL, DDDICT and DDTEXT are the only TAM specs that can be
deleted on a client workstation.)

However, GLBTBL is actually a cache of JITI specs for items from the data
dictionary. It does not have a central object (RDB Spec) like the other two,
because it is updated when the client requires access to DDDICT and DDTEXT.
You may find that GLBTBL is updated if you actually delete DDDICT and DDTEXT
from your client to force GLBTBL to JITI again.

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