Data Dictionary Replication/Synchronization...


Hello All:

We currently have a Co-Existence OneWorld B7332 implementation at our place. We
are having trouble keeping our Data Dictionary DD) synchronized when ever we
make changes to it. We are using DD replication. However, the problem is if the
client machine has more than one environment deployed and the machine is marked
as Not Synchronized, if some one logs on to OneWorld on that machine, which ever
environment he/she logs on to first gets the message saying the DD is not
synchronized and prompts to synchronize 'ONLY' in that environment..

I built a VB program which gets a list of all the machines in the enterprise
from the machine table and deletes 'those six' files from all the environments
on the client machine at the push of a button. This happens only if the client
machine is online. I want to know whether anyone have any ideas of how to keep
DD in sync and whether any one knows any third party application that goes and
deletes 'those six files' at logon to the network.

I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

OW CO-E B7332 SP11.3
AS400 V4R4 (ENT) x 2


From my course experience and advice from my JDE technical rep. it is easier
to delete the six files for all users than to replicate the DD. Within the
next few weeks I will be looking into two products that we currently use on
our network. One is called KIXSTART which is a script based application that
is run on startup or I can use MS Systems Management Server.




Jeremy, can you please send me a copy of the KIXSTART script that you wrote
to copy the DD files?


Crawford Winter
Transamerica Life