Data Dictionary Change


We have made a data dictionary change to a simple error message that occurs for an invalid account. It was made by a power user on their workstation and I need to distribute this change to all workstations, the Ent Server, and whereever it needs to go so it can be re-generated to be available on the web server. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this? The sys admin manual seems quite confusing to me on this subject. I have tried the dddict, ddtext, and gbl 6 file deletion processon workstations and that works for those, but I truly need to get it to the ES and also how it can be reflected on the web server. I also tried the 6 file deletion and JITI for the gen machine, and on full client the changes are there, but when we build those objects for the web server, the changes are not reflected.
Any help would be great;y appreciated.

XE SP 13, WIN 2K, ORACLE, NT 4.0 Jas Server