Data Dictionaries per Data Structure


Hey folks

currently we are upgrading to EnterpriseOne 9.2 from 9.0 and facing the following problem.

We modified different forminterconnect/reportinterconnect Data Structures.
Now we are trying to find as well as our modifications and modifications made by oracle to merge them.

We know that each Data Dictionary has its own ID in a Data Structure and you cannot mix them up
becouse it would result in NER-compilation errors and/or wrong mappings in each interconnect.

What we've already tryed:
- comparing XRefs -> if there's a Data Dictionary multiple times in a Data Structure the XRefs only show them once per Data Structure
- find a table consisting of the Data Structure content (prferably with ID and description) -> couldn't find such a table

So what would be the best way to find the deltas in those Data Structures?