DAS Query help required(if I am in the wrong place - please let me know)


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I am trying to produce a complex query within DAS and I just wanted to know if anyone had a solution

I need to read in about 6 fields from the Employee Master table (F060116)
Employee Id (AN8)
Employee Name (ALPH)
Pay Status (PAST)
Home Business Unit (HMCU)
Locality (SLOC)
Reporting Codes 20 (P020)

I am trying to bring in the Effective date for the record that matches P020 in the history table (F08042) for the employee
so I would need to link by AN8 as my primary link;

1) Can I link by the value that is in F060116.P020
2) Can I retrieve just the greatest Effective date for that matching record?

So far, I haven't figured it out and am assuming that it isn't possible but was hoping that someone has had to do something like this before