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Customer Supplied Materials For REWORK


We have a situation where:
- A customer will buy our product
- The customer then calls up and requests that the original product be
modified in some manner
- This in NOT a RETURN or a CUSTOMER COMPLAINT type of process
- We would like to RECEIVE the material back into our company
- We would like NOT TO INCLUDE the material as part of our costed inventory
BUT keep track of it
- We currently enter a NEW SALES ORDER for the material so that it can be
REWORKED with the new specifications
- This NEW SALES ORDER needs to create a WORK ORDER that should call for
the customer supplied returned material and any other material needed to
modify the existing material
- Production needs to be able to schedule a work center for this REWORK
- We will NOT be issuing CREDIT to the customer via a SALES Credit Order
- We need to be ONLY doing an upcharge for the additional labor and any
extra material.....
Any assistance is welcome....

DOES ANYONE HAVE SIMILAR circumstances and HOW DO YOU do this in JD

We are World 7.3 cum 7 - AS/400

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Use the Receipts Routing function of JDE. Receiving the item puts it into a route, which is about 5 user defined locations you can setup. You can tell the system at which point the inventory is accounted for in the On Hand. Leave the inventory at the non-accounted for status until the Sales Order is being entered. Release the inventory into ON-Hand right at the same time the sales order is entered so that it goes back onto the sales order. There are inventory costs that need to be accounted for with the receipts and the sale process. Leave them as you normally would, but on the Sales Order and PO which you received, override the price to 0.

Jean Driscoll
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