customer name and number in R03B5001 (Statements) driver section


we are seeing the customer name and number appear after the first Invoice line of each customer in this UBE, R03B5001 (Statement Print). I cannot seem to identify where this is coming from as either of the 2 sections with this data (A lvl break header, which is hidden, and a conditional section) do not show the constant I place next to these fields. Any help identifying where this break in invoice lines is coming from would be appreciated.
'A lvl break header, which is hidden' Maybe I did not understand your question, but if you know that this section is hidden, how do you expect your constant to ... show?
Customer Name and AB# are printed on "RS AN8 LBH Conditional" section and not on the hidden Customer LBH. This conditional section is called from the
'Initiaze variable' event of the main section "RS A/R Statement Detail" columnar section.