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after reading the post on how to choose the right forum I hope my choice is correct.

I am new to JDE and I need to understand something about Customer Ledger Inquiry.

My understanding so far is that three tables are involve F03B14,F03B13,F03B11 correct me if I am wrong.
I need to extract information from the SQL database in the same way that the customer ledger Inquiry do using the "
As Of Date Feature".

I have been trying to understand the logic and I have read the documentation which explain the feature in this way:

When you use an as of date, the system compares the value that you enter with the Date Closed field of the invoice. If the "as of" date is after the closed date, the system skips the record. If the "as of" date is before the closed date, the system compares the "as of" date with G/L date of the Receipts Detail records (F03B14) that were applied to the invoice to calculate the open amount of the invoice as of the date entered.

Now I am having some issue translating this into a constraint to extract the data. Now "As of Date" alias is "DGJ" which can be both on F03B14 or F03B11 I am supposing is the one in F03B11 and I am comparing this to the DGJ in F03B14 trying to create a constraint with what stated above but my extraction did not come correct. Some data are missing but are included in the "customer ledger inquiry" result eg. RU Documents.

I there any way to reproduce the same extraction in SQL? I need to do this for reporting purposes as this data need to be merge with the data from another application. Any help would be really appreciated.

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Hi All,

so far I was able to replicate part of this process now I am stuck in a point in which I need to calculate the correct amount. Now if I check only F03B11 I will obtain the current status so is not good.
If I checked F03B14 I can get sometimes information about the situation at date X but this is not enough there circumstances in which I cannot rebuild the situation at time X.
There is any historicization of the F03b11? F03B13 is not use.



You might like to include F03B112 - Invoice Revisions, for void details
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