Custom Self Service - Security



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My company want employees to fill their basic information them-self.
The issue is that we cannot create each user per his/her name.
But one of the ideas is:
- Create a common user name and password such as empdata, empdata
- All the employees can log in to JDE with the above credentials.
- Use 'Menu Filtering' to hide all the menus except the Employee Info application
- While accessing the Employee Info, validate the employee by entering his/ her employee number, and date of birth (in password fields)
- Provide the fields to get the desired information.

Can you please comment on this idea.
I hope this is the good way to do this. But is it having security issues ? Because someone knows employee number and his date of birth can manipulate the details.
What do you mean by fill in their basic information? Do you mean create their own address book records for themselves? Are they going to be JDE users?

If they're going to be JDE users and they are already on the corporate network then set up LDAP authentication in JDE and then have the default role be one that only allows them to execute your employee self service app. If they're not going to be JDE users then create a custom application outside of JDE using some other means of authentication to capture the details and then pump the data into JDE either through Z tables or some other form of integration.
if this is going to be used for HR or Medical benefits etc. then i would recommend that you go for login for each employees that way you have full security applied. Other way is to use LDAP or single signon as suggested above that way it gets authencated automatically and use dont have to login every time and maintain different password.
If you are using the approach what you have posted, then you will have to anyway develop custom app and then authencate user before allowing him to enter info. Why replicate the login screen & authencation?.

you might take the approach of creating a web application outside jde for this type of information and update/create account information via interop (xml,bssv,z tables)