Custom program to load F3003


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We have tried using the z-file to load F3003 but it will take on average about 10 days to complete.

We have opted to write directly to the file and suffer any problems we might have. Can anyone help with data that needs to be validated.

From a earlier post it was noted to do the following:
1.Validate Item number in F4101
2.Validate Item/Branch in F4102
3.Validate WorkCenter in F30006
4.Don't forget to insert into the F3003T File

Any other help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Wannabe,

Your approach should work fine - some things in JDE are not that complicated :)

Some things to think about though.

In your Bills - do any of them reference a specific Operation Step in a routing?

Do you have the equivalent of Master Routings in your source system? If so and you want to automatically set them up as part of your conversion you need to update the Item Cross Reference table (F4104) with 'MR' type records.


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