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Custom Menus to Specific Files


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Aside from creating custom menus that include links to specific application
executables (i.e., Word, Excel, etc.), has anyone attempted to add custom
menu items to link to specific files (i.e., a specific Excel worksheet) on
the workstation? I am sure that a batch program could be developed to
accomplish this, but I want to see if anyone has attempted it with OW.

Thanks in advance.

Windows 2K Advanced Server/SQL 2000
Xe 15.1
Win2K Terminal Services x 4

OneWorld Xe (7333)- New Install
Win2K Server/SQL 2000


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It is possible to link to a specific file as in a
excel spreadsheet,from a menu selection. Define it as
a windows application and then browse on the selection
to select the particular file you need. That should
give you your requirement. I hope I have interpreted
your question right..
If the file you selected on the Define row tab for the
selection does not exist, you'll just get an error
message at the bottom.

Hope this helps
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