Custom BSSV not reflecting in JDev of 9.2 Fat



I am new to BSSV. I have to work on a custom BSSV in E1 9.2. I added it to a project and did a get. Now, problem is when I go in design and open the Oracle JDev 12c, I can not see that BSSV in the Projects window. I select the Initialise Eone workspace in tools menu but no luck. This happens only with custom BSSV, any standard BSSV can be seen in projects window. I am wondering what is going wrong. Am I missing some setting. Any insight is appreciated.



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After doing a get on BSSV object, click on design mode and under design tools there is an option of "View checked In Artifacts".

Click on "View checked In Artifacts" and see what is the "Artifact State"...It should be "Found on Client".

Verfiy if it is correct or not.


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Is it happening with all the Objects or only with one particular object ?

If it is with all the objects, what is your exact Jdeveloper version?

-> Also try to delete "System 12.2.X.xx.xx..... " folder in " C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\JDeveloper" and try opening the object again in Jdeveloper.

-> Check if your custom BSSV exists under the path "E920_1\Path Code\java\source\oracle\e1\bssv"